Network Wiring

Network Cabling and Fiber Optics

Infinite Tech Services is your trusted source for structured voice & data cabling for all of your business communications needs. Our San Francisco network wiring and voice & data cabling installers and contractors provide structured network cabling solutions & business phone system installation & maintenance to SF Bay Area.

Uniform, Labeled Wiring Across Many Applications

An unorganized, unlabeled mess of wires ends up being a big headache for a business owner. If you have worked with other carriers or contractors for one-off jobs, your wiring hub could be a complicated mess. Our services ensure the organization and labeling of every wire and connection so any time there’s an issue, it can be identified and fixed quickly.

Ethernet & Cable Wiring Specialists for SF Bay Area Businesses

Behind every efficient communications network is a professional wiring job. Streamline Voice & Data provides neat, effective and affordable wiring for all types of buildings. With the wrong company, new wiring can easily turn into a tangled nightmare. Let us help you avert a crisis with our expert services backed by decades in the business.

Rely On Our Skillful Wiring

You can always depend on the high quality of our work. While it may seem simple to have just anyone set up your wiring and cabling, there are actually many areas to address:

  • Cable Length
  • Avoiding Over-Bundling
  • Keeping Fiber & Copper Runs Separated
  • Telecom Room Considerations
  • Coordinating Outlets
  • Testing The Setup Throughout The Process & After Completion

If it sounds complicated, just leave it to us and we’ll simplify things for you with our expertise. With our help, you will be able to relocate equipment if necessary, such as phones, computers and printers. The labeling we provide for jacks and patch panels allows for easier troubleshooting down the line.